aternio legal stands for excellent knowledge and years of experience with entrepreneurs and prosperous individuals. We support and unburden. Stubborn but always well-considered. aternio legal is both your personal adviser and sparring partner for your accountant, auditor, banker or notary.
Here you will find a selection of our legal services. Contact us to request a full overview of our expertise or or to inquire about specific services.

Your questions and our answers, that is what binds us. Tax and legal rules, these relate to both businesses and private individuals. aternio legal  provides customised solutions that you can understand. aternio legal also represents comprehensive expertise and personalised advice. Across the board and in-depth. And that makes perfect sense because these things have to be organised effectively.

  • tax advice, tax guidance and optimisation
  • pre-filing and ruling requests
  • tax and legal screenings
  • corporate law
  • business law
  • estate planning (wealth and succession planning)
  • family property law
  • due diligence
  • GDPR audit
  • forensic audit

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