contact details
aternio bv-bvba
Zwaarveld 41 d
B-9220 Hamme
tel +32 (0)52 47 82 41

legal form, business registration number and services provided
aternio is a civil company under the form of a limited company, located in Hamme and registered in the Legal Entities Register in Ghent, department Dendermonde, with VAT number BE0456.045.401. aternio supplies a wide range of accountancy, audit, tax and legal services as set out on our website

general terms and conditions, applicable law and competent court
All of the legal relationships are subject to aternio’s general terms and conditions. These conditions can be consulted on* and can be provided free of charge upon request. The aforementioned legal relationships are governed by Belgian law and disputes shall be exclusively settled by the competent court in Dendermonde.

professional organisation/rules
aternio and the accountancy and tax consultants working for aternio are registered with the Institute for Accountants and Tax Consultants (IAB) and are thus subject to the professional rules (including codes of conduct) of this organisation. The professional organisation provides the corresponding rules via its website or upon request. All accountants and tax consultants working for aternio have obtained their professional qualifications in Belgium.

Instituut van de Accountants en de Belastingconsulenten/Institut des Experts-Comptables et des Conseils Fiscaux

Website Legislation and rules are only available in Dutch and French.