aternio finance stands for business expertise. Close to business and close to the people behind the entrepreneur. Passion and knowledge make it worthwhile for both you and us. We love to work with you on realising your ambitions.
Here you will find a selection of our finance services. Contact us to request a full overview of our expertise or or to inquire about specific services.

Figures are important but business is more than just figures. aternio finance keeps its finger on the pulse. Our finance experts will sit around the table with you. Being available and providing added value – that’s their power.

  • (online) financial administration and outsourcing
  • verifying, assessing and drawing up annual accounts
  • providing guidance in project financing
  • investment and feasibility analyses
  • financial analyses, quick scans and business valuations
  • restructuring and profitability improvement
  • support in case of take-over and succession (corporate finance)
  • accountant audits
  • due diligence
  • general tax practices
  • forensic audits

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