aternio has a heart that beats for entrepreneurs, idealists and creative people. For those who seize opportunities and leave nothing behind. For start-ups, growing or fully mature companies, for national and international non-profit organisations and foundations. For hard workers who never get enough of it. For those who are concerned with maintaining and transferring family wealth. For those who innovate and dream. For every entrepreneur like you.

At whatever stage of your life, career or ambitions you are, we like to listen to how you see things. You tell us what you need most, most urgently, preferably, or all at once. We ensure that we approach it smartly, efficiently and thoroughly. As a famous accountant once said, “If you start me up, I’ll never stop.”

What we do is very personal and unique for every entrepreneur. With us you will not get bite-size uniformity, but a solution that uniquely fits you. We do what is necessary and see how we can go one step further. That’s how we make the difference, and that’s how you can make a difference too.


aternio stands for business expertise. Close to business and close to the people behind the entrepreneur. Passion and expertise make it worthwhile for both you and us. We love to work with you on realising your ambitions. Experience the synergy of our finance & legal experts. Every single day.

Figures are important but business is more than just figures. aternio keeps its finger on the pulse. Our finance experts will sit around the table with you. Being available and providing added value – that’s their power.

  • (online) financial administration and outsourcing
  • verifying, assessing and drawing up annual accounts
  • providing guidance in project financing
  • investment and feasibility analyses
  • financial analyses, QuickScans and business valuations
  • restructuring and profitability improvement
  • support in case of take-over and succession (corporate finance)
  • general tax practices
  • accountant audits
  • due diligence

Tax and legal rules… these relate to both businesses and private individuals. aternio provides customised solutions that you can understand. aternio also represents comprehensive expertise and personalised advice. Across the board and in-depth. And that makes perfect sense because these things have to be organised effectively.

  • tax advice, tax guidance and optimisation
  • ruling requests
  • tax and legal screenings
  • estate planning (wealth and succession planning)
  • business law
  • family property law
  • grants
  • GDPR audit
  • forensic audit (fraud investigation)

milk and sugar?

Admit that you're not just coming for that nice cup of coffee. Are you looking for excellent advice and relevant inspiration in the field of finance & legal? We're looking forward to getting to know your needs and ambitions.

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from history to today

Our roots go right back to the 1960s, with Manu Lemmens. The creation of Fidulemco in 1984 formed the legal basis for the foundation of the current organisation. In 2000, under the direction of Johan Lemmens, the office became part of an international association of independent accountancy firms, the forerunner to PrimeGlobal. Alongside the office in Hamme, branches were opened in Antwerp and Brussels. The office was co-founder of a national economic interest grouping in 2007. In 2015, a decision was taken to leave this economic interest grouping and to continue under the name aternio. In 2017 Karen Muylaert and Cindy Vervaet decided to join Johan as partners and a driving force of aternio.

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